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San diego commercial renovation cleanup Services

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Sometimes a business needs to remodel or renovate their existing space to better accommodate their growing needs.  This could be a rebranding of the business’ image or a reorganization of the workspace for efficiency.  Regardless of why you might need to renovate or remodel, one thing is for sure: after the construction crew is gone, you are left with a lot of post-construction dirt and dust.  A newly renovated commercial space is not ready for business until it has been thoroughly cleaned.  That’s where Simon Cleaning Service can help, we offer comprehensive San Diego Commercial Remodel Cleanup Services.

What does Post Remodeling Cleanup Involve?

Commercial remodeling cleanup can be divided into Exterior cleanup and Interior clean-up.  Interior clean-up is further divided into Rough Clean-up, Light Cleanup, and Final Clean-up.  

Rough Clean Up usually involves removing post-construction debris and removing labels & security stickers from windows and doors.  Rough cleaning continues with sweeping of floors, scrubbing of concrete areas, and washing down wood structures.  It’s basic cleaning to make the place presentable.

Light Cleaning is where the majority of the work is done.  This includes cleaning all surfaces, removing dust from light fixtures, ceiling fans; wiping all door knobs & light switches, and cleaning of windows & glass doors.  Cleaning is done for all rooms (lobby, office, bathroom, kitchen, work areas).  After Light Cleaning, the newly renovated space should be almost ready for the reentry of employees, furniture, equipment, and clients.

Final Cleaning is left last. It’s the final sweep of the place to make sure all dust is removed, fingerprints wiped off, and everything is clean, polished, and ready for business.  Final cleaning does not take very long but is recommended because dust settles so it’s good to give it one last wipe before you open for business. Keep in mind that thorough cleaning is easier before employees, furniture, and equipment repopulate the commercial space.      

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