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San diego commercial construction cleanup Services

Let's get your newly construction space ready for business!

If you’ve been to a construction site, you will know how messy and chaotic things can be.  The great part is that once construction is done, the place begins to look a lot better with the exception that there’s a layer of dirt and grime everywhere.  Simon Cleaning Services offers San Diego Construction Cleanup Services where we make your new construction look clean and polished.

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What does Post Construction Cleanup Involve?

That depends on what you need to have done and your budget. Most professional construction companies will remove extra lumber and large, construction-related trash.  However, they won’t do a great job because they are construction men, they are not cleaners.  To get a thorough cleaning, you need to recruit the efforts of professional cleaners like Simon’s Cleaning Service.  We offer San Diego Commercial Construction Cleanup Services

Exterior Clean-Up: Typically, we will clean the exterior of the new construction site by washing the exterior of windows, sweep or power wash walkways, driveways, and clean outer surfaces like patios, eaves, gutters, and exterior lights.

Interior Clean Up: Cleaning the inside of a newly constructed unit is similar to cleaning a regular business establishment except that there is A LOT of dust everywhere.  First, we wipe down all cabinetry, countertops, shelves, and surfaces.  Windows and windowsills are cleaned and appliances are wiped down.  Floors are mopped and carpets are vacuumed.  Doorknobs and light switches are cleaned and all rooms are wiped down to remove dust and construction debris.  This is done for all rooms: bathroom, kitchen, office, lobby, hallways, workspace, storage space, and closets.

After the space is completely cleaned, we will do one more final sweep of the place to make sure that all surfaces are dust-free and all reflective surfaces are fingerprint-free.  This last step is important because it takes time for dust to settle so it’s prudent to give everything one last wipe to ensure cleanliness.

With Simon’s Cleaning Service, you can be assured that your new construction and/or renovation site will be clean and ready for your employees and clients.

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