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Superior San Diego Restaurant Cleaning Services

You Do the Cooking and We'll do the Cleaning

One of the first things people look for when they enter a restaurant is cleanliness. Dirty windows, floors, or surfaces will put a frown a customer’s face even before they take a seat. We have a solution: Simon’s Cleaning Service offers exceptional San Diego Restaurant Cleaning Services that will make your establishment look, smell, and feel clean everytime. We clean large, high-traffic restaurants as well as small, exclusive establishments.

Our San Diego Restaurant Cleaning Services

Professional and Reliable Cleaning Services

As a restauranteur, your job is to serve customers by offering them delicious foods which you create. Your time and effort are valuable so don’t waste them on janitorial work. Simon’s Cleaning Service can clean your dining room, kitchen area, bathrooms, and any other spaces you have. For every job, we assign a dedicated project manager so you can communicate specific cleaning instructions in an effective manner. Our cleaning staff is diligent and will adhere to your instructions in the letter. All cleaning services are accounted for and if you ever feel that the job was not done properly, the Simon Team will return and correct any issues.

Save Time and Earn Trust

Managing a restaurant or eatery is a full-time job. As owner and manager, you wear many hats from customer service, scheduling staff, restocking inventory, and the many duties of running a thriving business. Save time by letting us do what we do best: clean. We use only green products which are safe for your customers and better for the environment. When diners see that your establishment is professionally cleaned, they will trust that the food you serve is of the utmost quality. A clean restaurant is a good restaurant!

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