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If you have solar panels, you might think about having them cleaned periodically so they work at maximum capacity. Dust, dirt, pollen, and bird droppings are common elements that cover your solar panels and block the sun. Less sun means in less electricity generated and that will limit your solar savings. This issue is simple to resolve: call Simon’s cleaning team for San Diego solar panel cleaning services.

In some parts of the United States, rain is a cheap and easy way to wash away dirt from your solar panels. However, in San Diego and most parts of southern California, there’s very little rain and lots of dust. Cleaning solar panels will require that you clean it yourself or recruiting the help from Simon’s cleaning team.

San Diego Solar Panel Cleaning Information

DIY’ers can clean solar panels by themselves, but for everybody else, you should call a professional.  Although cleaning solar panels is not technically difficult, it does present some challenges.  Here are some useful tips:
  • Before solar panels are washed, they need to be turned off for safety reasons.
  • Avoid abrasive detergents and brushes. Use gentle detergents and a washcloth or a soft-bristled brush.
  • If possible, clean solar panels from the ground. Use a telescopic extension pole to reach up to the roof. If the panels are too high, you will need to clean them from the rooftop. In this case, you should include safety measures such as a harness and a hard hat.
  • Wash the solar panels during the cooler hours of the day such as the early morning or very late afternoon. Splashing water on hot glass may cause it to crack.
  • Inspect solar panels and ensure that nothing is broken or needs repair before starting to wash them.
  • Cleaning solar panels typically involves:
    1) brushing away loose dirt, leaves and debris,
    2) rinsing the panels with water to remove dust,
    3) scrubbing the baked-on dirt with soapy water, and
    4) rinsing one more time and drying the panels to avoid water spots.  Use a washcloth or squeegee.
  • Reactivate solar panels,
At Simon’s Cleaning Service, we have the experience and tools to clean your solar panels effectively and safely. Please contact us to set up an appointment for San Diego solar panel cleaning services.

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